Seals of approval

Seals of approval


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Our Hotels & Resorts

Fulfil the quality criteria of the Conference, Business and Green Hotel certificates.
These seals of approval guarantee that our hotel adheres to the specific guidelines of the conference and event segment.

Certified Business Hotel®


An excellent business hotel can be recognised at a glance. The required criteria are:

  • Mobile phone availability
  • Internet access
  • 24-hour accessible parking
  • Ample lighting of the in-room workplace/desk
  • Proof of adherence to mattress hygiene
  • Invoicing in accordance with corporate travel policy

Certified Green Hotel®


A sustainable hotel can be recognised at first glance. For many years now, arcona HOTELS & RESORTS has been dealing with the topic of sustainability. In the most diverse areas of the corporation, we have attempted to develop high-level procedures that ensure the concept of the sole use of natural systems and, in turn, the long-term retention of the most important characteristics.
Practical approaches for the sustainable development in arcona HOTELS & RESORTS are primarily focused on the reduction of the operational power consumption, the use of renewable resources, the minimisation of water usage and the reduction of waste.
The goal is to create sensible environmental protection in all operational areas as well as to attain ecological standards aligned to internationally applicable ecological guidelines.

Certified Conference Hotel®


An award-winning conference hotel can be recognised at first glance. Criteria that need to be met are:

  • Standardised informational material
  • Own conference area
  • Standardised quoting procedure
  • Conference-specific banquet service
  • Professional event management
  • Customer-defined billing process


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