Culinary journeys

With passion, love for the product, creativity and tradition, we will enchant you with various delicacies.

The taste of simplicity

With extensive experience in hotel gastronomy, we remain true to our traditional values and the classic art of cooking. With original flavours and the skills of our chefs, we offer you an authentic insight into the region and its culinary arts.

Cooking with passion

Since November 2021, we at arcona Hotels & Resorts have been supported by star chef Christian Lohse. With seasonal products and inspirations from everyday life, he cooks to make people happy. Through cooperation, we continue to develop and create forward-looking perspectives for our gastronomy concepts.

Love for the product

Quality is the main ingredient of good cuisine. We provide moments of pleasure by using regional products that are in season. In addition, contact with farmers or suppliers is crucial to ensure good quality.

Food and wine in harmony

First-class gastronomy and the right choice of wines go hand in hand. It is the harmony or contrast between a dish and the wine that makes the taste experience complete. This is the reason why red wine is served with rather strong dishes and meat, whereas white wine is preferably served with light dishes and fish.

Culinary fusions

It is often the case that the menu is based on the culinary traditions of a particular country or culture. You probably have a favorite Italian restaurant around the corner or know a nice Spanish tapas bar. However, it becomes particularly exciting when a gastronomic concept deviates from this linear approach. When two culinary worlds collide that don't seem to fit together at first, something magical can emerge.

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